401 Details


In a Level 401 consultation, you can expect the greatest level of in-depth analysis, time and potential results. Add to the Level 301 package one or two Demographic Studies (by Percept) depending on your desired level of detail, 2 additional Ministry Analysis Profiles, and yearly, on-going check in with your consultant.

Percept Demographic Studies:

  • FirstView Demographic Report contains a graphic, 6-page “smart report” that introduces church leaders to their community and integrates select faith indicators. FirstView cross references details found in the Demographic Ministry Area Profile.
    See FirstView Example
  • Demographic Ministry Area Profile is a comprehensive 27-page report that serves as a community reference that includes extensive demographic data, faith indicators, primary concerns, lifestyle clusters, and six “InfoMaps” used for neighborhood detail.
    See Demographic Ministry Area Profile Example.
    See InfoMap Example.



The cost of Level 401 will be determined by the estimated cost of the Church Health Report, + additional Level 401 fees.

See chart below:


All air and ground transportation fees and lodging accommodations will be an additional charge.