201 Details


Level 201 utilizes the 160 question “Church Health Survey” (CHS), by THE LAWLESS GROUP that examines 6 key areas of church health:

  • Worship                                survey001
  • Fellowship
  • Prayer
  • Ministry
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • + Beliefs

Used by over 1200 congregations, the Church Health Survey determines the perceived level of church health, provides responses to each question, and suggests ways to improve. At the end of the process, your church leadership will receive a 40-page final report and overall score, and suggestions to improve areas of strength and weakness. (Deeper levels of analysis and actions plans are available in Level 301 and 401 consultations.)

The process typically looks like this:

  1. Your consultant will connect with your church leadership to explain the Church Health Survey.
  2. Your consultant will provide your congregation with the Church Health Survey.
  3. Your people will complete the survey either live or through email, and return the completed survey within one week to the consultant.
  4. Your consultant will look over the surveys to ensure completeness.
  5. Your consultant will process the results. 
  6. Your consultant will mail/email the CHS packet (results) to your pastor or designated leaders.

It’s that simple.


  • Attendance plateaus or declines
  • Pastoral leadership has changed
  • New program or ministry planned
  • Mix or composition of attendees changes
  • Growth barriers
  • Community around church changes
  • Planning to build on strengths or improve weaknesses


Consultant fees for Level 201 are $1000 + cost of Church Health Surveys. 

Church leaders choose a sampling of the church membership to complete the 30-40 minute Church Health Survey. A 45-survey package through The Lawless Group is $275 for the basic package (45 surveys, 45 answer sheets, and a 40 page report) plus a $10 shipping charge. Additional surveys range from $1 – $2, depending on quantity. The Lawless Group suggests the minimum number of attendees that need to be surveyed is:

No. in Attendance No. of Surveys Required
<100 30
100-200 35
201-300 45
301-400 60
400+ 15% of worship attendance


Typically, no on-site visit is required for a Level 2 consultation. E-mail, phone and/or Skype communication is usually sufficient.