301 Details


statisticaldataanalysisIn Level 301, Digging Deeper, we will dive into the nitty-gritty of several aspects of your church health, as determined by you. We will utilize the Church Health Report, by Church Answers, as well as conduct on-site staff interviews, and identify “hot spots” (areas that call for immediate attention). You can choose between  2-3 Ministry Analysis Profiles, which will be the main focus of the consultation.


Our consultant will engage with your leadership team to facilitate strategic planning sessions, and other teaching / informational sessions you desire. At the end of the consultation (typically 3-6 months), you can expect an in-depth 80 – 120 page FINAL REPORT that will include data and analysis from your Church Health Report and your Ministry Analysis Profiles.  


The cost of Level 301 will be determined by the estimated cost of the Church Health Report, + additional Level 301 fees.

See chart below:

All air and ground transportation fees and lodging accommodations will be an additional charge.