Information to be supplied to consultant prior to onsite 301 or 401 consultation work:

  • The last ten years’ records of the church’s growth patterns (Sunday morning worship [both services, if applicable]), including attendance and addition numbers. The additions should be categorized as transfer or confirmation/baptism.
  • Sunday School and/or small group attendance records for the last three years, subdivided by classes and divisions.
  • The last ten years’ financial giving numbers, divided between general giving and designated giving.
  • The last five annual budgets.
  • A copy of the church’s constitution and by-laws.
  • A letter summarizing any significant events in the church within the past fifty years, both positive and negative.
  • Recent copies of publications such as newsletters and church bulletins.
  • The boundaries of the “community” of the church. You can give zip codes, census tracts, a radius from the church, or simply a map with the area that your church reaches or should reach. We will use that defined community to discover trends and issues about the people within the area.
  • computer-graphsA list of all staff, full-time and part-time. Please indicate by “FT” or “PT.” If they are part-time, indicate the number of hours they work each week.
  • A list of most recent pastors and their terms of service.
  • A list or statement of the key leadership groups: church board, strategic planning group, worship committee, etc.
  • If available, a drawing of the current structure, including worship and educational facilities.  We prefer that the drawings include seating capacities in each room.
  • A description of the number of available parking spaces.