At Interactive Church Consulting, we strive to bring clarity and focus to ministry and mission. Our passion is to help churches get better at what God has called them to do by entering into a working relationship with the Pastor, Board, and/or appointed leaders. We will examine designated aspects of your church to help give perspective on how best to proceed in discovering who you are, casting vision to create excitement, and engaging in ministry to advance God's kingdom.

    The Mentor - Life Lessons from the Promised Land PICTUREAs a gift to you for checking out INTERACTIVE CHURCH CONSULTING, download a free copy of "The Mentor - Life Lessons From the Promised Land", and study guide written by lead consultant, Mark J. Lenz. This dramatic adventure incorporates practical and timeless wisdom with Biblical truths found in the book of Joshua, and can be used as a Bible study guide for personal reflection or as a tool for small group discussion. The Mentor promises to challenge and inspire you to live a life fully devoted to God.